11 reasons to go hostelling

We love hostelling and we know you will too

Why you should try hostelling in Scotland

There are 100s of reasons to try hostelling. Here are our top 11.

1. Friendly and welcoming hosts

We think our hostel hosts are awesome. Most hostel owners and staff are hostellers themselves, so they know how to make sure you have an enjoyable experience. Meet the people that are passionate about their part of Scotland.

2. A sociable experience

This is our favourite part of hostelling, meeting people of all ages and backgrounds, from all over Scotland and the rest of the world. Hostel kitchens and lounges are the heart of most hostels, so they offer a great place to mingle and swap stories in an informal and relaxed environment. 

3. Make your budget go further

Generally, our hostels offer excellent value for money. If you’re travelling on your own and are happy to share a dormitory room with fellow travellers, you’ll get a great deal. If that’s not for you, most hostels also offer private rooms - single, twin, double and family rooms are available. That means you can share with your friends, family or partner.  

Instead of going out to eat every night, cook up something special in the communal kitchen. And you can relax in the lounge after dinner with a hot drink or a glass of your favourite tipple. 

4. Location

There are Scottish Hostels all over Scotland. From the Scottish cities to the far flung corners of the Scottish mainland and islands. Our rural hostels are located in the most beautiful parts of Scotland with the great outdoors on the doorstep. Long distance paths are well served by Hostels so if this is the year for the big walk, check our members for accommodation along the route.

5. We don’t mind the muck

Hiking, biking, water sports, we welcome everyone. Many hostels offer drying rooms, washing machines, bike storage, local knowledge and a gathering place for like-minded people. 

6. Each one is unique

Scottish Hostels is not part of a chain. Each of our hostels is one of a kind, set in a wonderful part of Scotland. They are not like hotels where if you have seen one, you have seen them all.

7. Protecting the environment 

Scottish Hostels is committed to following a responsible tourism model.  Our hostels are independently run businesses; all are conscious about the environment and trying to lessen their impact.  

We recognise our duty of care to protect the beauty of Scotland’s natural and built assets for the future. 

8. Green travel

Our hostels make it easier to travel sustainably around Scotland on two wheels, on foot or by public transport.

9. Top local tips

Our hostel hosts can give you their recommendations to make your visit special. Find out where the locals go for walking, climbing, biking or relaxing or where you can get the best local food.  

10. Groups, families, solo travellers of any age. 

Our hostels can cater for most group sizes from just one bed to the whole hostel! Why not hire a whole hostel for your family get together or your group trip. Some hostels even offer weddings!

11. Local community

Our hostels are part of their local communities and as such, promote their local businesses, cultural heritage, attractions and facilities.