Planning your trip

Practical information for your hostelling trip

Where to go

Are you planning a trip in Scotland? There is so much to enjoy - our scenery, our culture and heritage, the great outdoors, our food and drink, our hospitality. Whatever you decide to do when you visit, we know you'll have an amazing time!

Discover lots of fantastic things to do when you're in Scotland on our Inspiration page.

Find out more about travelling around Scotland on our Travel page.

Did you know that Scottish Hostels has hostels in wonderful locations across Scotland? Why not choose to stay with us on your trip?

You could stay in one hostel for the whole time, using it as a base for getting to know an area really well. Alternatively, you could stay in more than one as you tour around Scotland.

Our hostels offer the flexibility to stay for one day, a week, or longer - perfect for a weekend getaway or your family holiday. 

Read more about staying in our hostels.

View all our hostels on our Find a hostel page and pick the perfect place for your trip.



When to go

Any discussion on when to visit Scotland inevitability involves the Scottish weather! We think "unpredictable" is a fair assessment and "come prepared" is our best advice. You can read more on our Weather page.

The main tourist season is from Easter to October. The months of June, July and August are the busiest, coinciding with the summer holidays here and further afield.

Outside this peak season, there is still plenty to do and lots of our hostels are open all year round if you're visiting.

Use our Find a hostel page for more details about when our hostels are open.

Book in advance if you can

If you know which of our hostels you'd like to stay in, and when, we recommend that you book ahead to guarantee a bed or room for the night. We don't want you to be disappointed.

Please book directly with the hostel. That way you'll get the best price for your stay and the hostel receives the full value of your booking. 

We know it's not always possible to book in advance. If that's not an option you can give the hostel a phone on the day or drop in and see what's available.

Use our Find a hostel page to get all the details you need to make a direct booking with one of our hostels or the phone number and address to get in touch.